These days, businesses, no matter their size, are absolutely awash in data. We have oceans of it. So much, in fact, that it can be hard to get a handle on. It can actually be a monumental struggle to turn all that raw data into actionable information, then get that information into the hands of the right people in time for them to do something with it.

Even the most seasoned business owners struggle with this. The world generates a staggering 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, every single day. That’s a number so big that it staggers the imagination. From a more practical point of view though, it can easily lead to analysis paralysis. With that much raw data bombarding you every single day, is it any wonder that business owners are increasingly struggling to keep pace?

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution, and that solution takes the form of Business Intelligence, or BI for short. Business Intelligence is the fine art of turning your oceans of raw data into actionable information, then getting that information into the hands of the right decision maker, in time for him or her to do something impactful with the information now in hand.

Biits, LLC has made a name for itself by doing exactly that for all the clients we serve. We are a technology company, yes, but in the pursuit of our goal, we first take technology out of the equation, and focus on the process.

The end goal is to get your data organized into meaningful information, then get that information into the right hands, quickly and efficiently. Technology will absolutely play a role in doing so, but we understand that it is a supporting role. The process itself is the key.

If you own a business of any size in the Madison, Milwaukee, or Green Bay areas, we invite you to contact us today to let us show you how we can help make your company more efficient, more effective, and ultimately more profitable, using cutting edge data processing, warehousing, reporting and analytic techniques, we can turn that mountain of raw data into something you can make good use of.